10 Ways to Instantly Makeover a Room

10 Ways to Instantly Makeover a Room

Every homeowner dreams of having a beautifully decorated, luxurious home that they can come back to at the end of a busy day. But time and budget constraints can prevent them from turning this dream into a reality.

However, everyone deserves to have a home that makes them feel happy, and thankfully there are ways to do this on a budget. The best interior design company in Dubai and UAE should be able to transform your house, apartment, or villa into the home of your dreams on a budget, and without any time investment on your part.

And at the same time, here are 10 small changes you can make that will instantly makeover your room!

10 Ways to Instantly Makeover Your Room

1.    Let the Light Shine In

You would be surprised by the automatic facelift your room will receive with a little sunlight. Open up the windows and move any obstructions to the natural light out of the way. This will give your room a soft glow and breath of freshness that will seriously transform the space.

2.    Replace the Curtains

While we are on the topic of sunlight, consider replacing your curtains. Choose a light muslin curtain or simple blinds that can allow more natural light to enter the room while looking visually appealing. For a fun project, try to upgrade basic curtains by adding a little lace or trim to the edges, or ask your interior designer in Dubai to find a fancy curtain set for you.

3.    Fresh New Cushion Covers

Replacing cushion covers are a fast and affordable way to completely transform your couch! You can change the cushions for the entire sofa, or just replace the throw pillows for a nice pop. Your interior designer can show you the best patterns and colors that will suit your room.

4.    Add a Touch of Green

Fresh houseplants are always a welcome addition to any space, and work wonders in instantly making over an interior design. Find a pretty flowerpot to go with the plant, and your room will automatically look cleaner, brighter, and well put together.

5.    Paint the Town

Or in this case, paint your room. A fresh coat of paint will instantly transform your room without breaking the bank. You can choose to paint the entire room with an inviting color or paint a single wall with a bright accent color to really spruce up the place!

6.    Spice Up the Walls

Add some dimension to plain walls by hanging up some picture frames, paintings, or even a unique piece of wall art. This is a great way to makeover your room instantly, and the best part is, you can choose any art piece or photos that appeal to your personal sense of style and aesthetics.

7.    Create a Focal Point

What is the first thing that you notice when you enter the room? By creating a visually appealing focal point, you can seriously upgrade your room. Choose your favorite part about the room, whether it is the large windows, a decorative waterfall, or an eye-catching painting, and design the rest of the room around that focal point. The best interior design company in Dubai and UAE can help you create the best focal point for your room.

8.    Have Fun with Fabrics

Another fun and affordable way to give your room a new look is by playing around with different fabrics. Add a nice frilly tablecloth on your dining table or revamp your bedroom with some vibrant bed linens. These small changes will have a huge impact on your overall interior design theme.

9.    Play Around with Textures

Mix and match with different textures in order to create dimension in the space. For example, pair leather couches with a plush rug, or add some velvet cushion covers for a luxurious look. Have your interior designer find some interesting textures that will create a pleasing contrast in your room.

10.  Thrift for Unique Décor

Finally, search around for interesting and unique décor pieces that can add a personal touch to your room. An antique telephone, large wall clock, or a decorative mirror are timeless décor pieces that you can find in a multitude of colors, styles, and sizes. Whatever you choose, make sure that it ties in with the rest of the room without creating clutter.

These 10 tips can completely give your room a new look without much effort! Be sure to consult with an expert interior design company in Dubai and UAE to help tie all these elements together and create a beautifully decorated room, no matter the time or budget constraints!

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