10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget

10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget

Everyone dreams of having an elegant home interior design, but it doesn’t always seem achievable. Many homeowners put their dreams of a luxurious interior design to the side because they simply assume that they cannot afford it.

The truth is that elegant doesn’t always have to mean expensive. It is very possible to make your home look elegant and luxurious on a budget. Having a professional interior designer in Dubai can actually help you design a beautiful interior for your home, according to your budget.

So, if you are thinking about giving your home a well-deserved makeover but are worried about breaking the bank, worry no more! These 10 genius tips can help you create an elegant luxury interior design for your home, while being light on your pocket!

1.    Sophisticated Base Tone

Every room starts with a base tone. For an elegant and timeless interior design, choose a paint color for your walls that is neutral yet inviting. Avoid starchy whites, and opt for warm creamy tones, beiges, powder blue, or peach. Light colors are easy on the eyes, make the room look bright and spacious, and can stand the test of time, making it an all-rounder sophisticated choice.

2.    Glam Accent Colors

After choosing your base tone, add dimension and create a theme by choosing an accent color. The accent color will be sprinkled around the room, in the décor, furniture, or curtains, and will create a subtly and tasteful pop of color. Your accent color should complement will with your base tone. Prefer rich tones such as royal purple, sapphire blue, and fresh yellow. Consult with your interior designer to find the best color combination for your home interior.

3.    Glossy Floors

Flooring plays a big role in making or breaking your interior design. For an elegant and sophisticated look, choose glossy hardwood floors, such as dark walnut or oak. However, if you prefer carpets, just make sure they are easy to maintain and a color that doesn’t appear dirty easily.

4.    Plush Carpet

Add dimension to your flooring with a plush and cozy carpet. Fluffy carpets add a touch of luxury and warmth to your room. You can play around with the sizes, shapes, and colors according to the size and theme of your room. Ask your interior to find a carpet solution that is plushy, but that is resistant to dust.

5.    High Curtains

Create illusion of a spacious room by creating “high ceilings”. The trick to doing this is hanging your curtains as high as possible, even if they come above the top of the windows. For a more luxurious look, opt for clean cut blinds, or soft flowy curtains. Avoid heavy looking curtains that can appear tacky and outdated.

6.    Lighting Fixtures

One of the quickest ways to transform your interior is by changing the light fixtures. It is easy to find glamorous fixtures at an affordable price, from sparkling chandeliers to sophisticated wall scones. Lighting tone also plays a factor, warm tones are more dramatic, while white lights brighten up the place. Talk to your luxury interior designer about finding the best lighting solution for your home.

7.    Centerpiece

A statement piece is a dramatic yet tasteful way to create a luxurious room. The options here are limitless. Whether you choose an art deco painting, a classical sculpture, or a small water fountain, a centerpiece will give off a glamorous vibe. Choose a piece according to your personal style and aesthetic.

8.    Fresh Plants

Fresh house plants will never go out of style! Not only do they bring clean air into the home, but they bring a vibrant color and freshness to the interior. There are different colors, shapes, sizes, and varieties, so look around and find the best options to suit your living space.

9.    Glam Accessories

When creating a luxury interior design for your home, never forget to accessorize! Pick out small décor pieces to place around your rooms. This can be anything from glass cups, dainty flower vases, picture frames, or antique pieces! Accessories are the best way to show off your personal flair, so pick according to your taste!

10.  Keep it Simple!

The key to timeless elegance and sophistication is simplicity. Clutter appears stuffy and outdated. So, remember to experiment with different decoration pieces and ideas, but don’t overdo it!

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