How Covid-19 will Affect Future of Interior Design

How Covid-19 will Affect Future of Interior Design

Every industry is being affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including the interior design industry. In fact, as social distancing protocols continue being enforced, people are realizing more than ever the importance of interior design in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces.

There is no doubt that as the world continues to amalgamate to the “new normal”, the future of interior design can expect some changes. Here are the major ways that COVID-19 will affect the future of interior design:

Home Offices

As far as home interior design goes, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will leave behind a demand for well decorated home offices. Since people have started working from home, there is a great need for a private and comfortable work environment in the home. This work from home scenario will likely continue for some time, and hence many homeowner will require a home office.

A good interior design company in Dubai can help create an environment that is comfortable and conducive to productivity, without compromising on personal style and aesthetic.

Integration of Physical and Virtual Environment

Virtual meetings and conference calls have become the norm since the onset of COVID-19. This has given rise to the need for a physical environment that translates well virtually. Good lighting and walls that prevent sound reverberation will become more important elements of home and office interior design. Furthermore, creating a space that translates well in video will also be of consideration. The best interior designer in Dubai can successfully integrate the virtual and physical environment, without losing the essence of a comfortable home interior.

Easy to Clean Furniture Solutions

The novel coronavirus has increased the need for constant disinfection and cleaning. Therefore, new interior design trends will consider this need for disinfection. For example, offices will prefer furniture and materials that is low maintenance and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. Moreover, antimicrobial finishes will become increasingly popular for weakening bacteria on high touch surfaces in the office. Ask your interior designer to find furniture and furnishing options that are easy to maintain, clean, and disinfect.

Calming Color Palettes

The coronavirus has led to a considerable amount of stress, anxiety, and worry among the population. As a result, homeowners and offices are looking towards creating an interior design that promotes peace, calm, and relaxation. This translates into new color trends in interior design. Colors that are earthy, natural, and soothing are top picks, such as cool blues, warm neutrals, and pops of fresh natural green. Work with the best interior designer in Dubai to create a color scheme that is comforting and relaxing.

These are just some ways that COVID-19 will affect the future of interior design. While this may be a novel virus, the interior design industry has dealt with other viruses in the past, and is therefore equipped to effectively cater to the shifts and changes in demands in interior design.

An expert interior design company in Dubai can help you create the perfect interior in spite of the ongoing pandemic, by taking special consideration of the changing needs as a result of COVID-19

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