How to Make Your Small Living Room Feel Bigger

How to Make Your Small Living Room Feel Bigger

Every homeowner dreams of having a large, spacious living room. Unfortunately, the reality for many Dubai residents who live in apartments and urban neighborhoods is of small living rooms. This can make the entire home feel cramped and suffocating.

However, a small room doesn’t have to feel small. If the interior design is done right, it can make even the smallest of living rooms look airy, spacious, and inviting.

So, if you are interested in opening up your lounge area without actually having to knock down any walls, keep reading. Here are the best tips to make your small living room area feel bigger.

Light Colored Walls

It is no secret that lighter colors create the illusion of more space, while darker colors make spaces seem smaller. However, this doesn’t mean that stark white is your only color option. Instead, opting for light, natural looking colors such as ivory, cream, beige, and peace can make your room look more spacious and inviting.

Feel free to use bright colors as an accent to your light base color. For example, using a light gray on the walls paired with a bright butter yellow accent can make your room look brighter and therefore larger. Plus it is an in-vogue and modern way to style rooms of all sizes!

Natural Lighting

The more light you bring into your room, the more airy and bigger it will feel. So exploit the bright Dubai sunlight by letting as much of it as possible into your small living area. Blinds and light curtains are a great way to let natural light in. Talk to your interior designer about getting tinted or stained glass for your window. This is a great way to let in sunlight while blocking out harsh rays and wandering eyes.

If possible, try hanging a large mirror on the wall opposite of the window. This will reflect even more sunlight and create the illusion of a bigger room. White lights are opposed to yellow lights will also mimic the look of natural sunlight, so it is another great way to create more space in your living area.

Built-in Furniture

Built-in furniture and storage units are a modern way to create more space in small rooms. For example, getting rid of a chunky bookshelf in favor of built-in shelves will save space in your living room while allowing you to place all the décor and possessions you desire for a personalized interior design.

Built-in furniture does a great job of making small spaces look bigger. This is because it gives the illusion of a room that is complete with all furniture, including shelf space, seating area, etc.., yet keeps floor space open.

Sleek Seating Area

Modern interior design trends favor sleek, contemporary furniture. This trend works in favor of small living rooms. Prefer straight-lined sofas, ottomans, and chairs rather than chunky couches for small living areas. Moreover, choose sleek colors such as brown, beige, or black rather than stuffy-looking sofa prints.

Moreover, you can find unique ways to create more seating area in your living room without sacrificing space. Trendy stools, seating cushions, and window benches are sleek and quirky ways to provide seating functionality and personality into your living room. These furniture pieces consume less space than traditional couches, so it’s a win, win, and win!

Hence, there are plenty of inventive ways and tricks to make your small living room look bigger. An expert interior designer can help you choose the best colors, lighting options, and furniture to make your living area look spacious and airy, without compromising on your personal style.

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