Interior Design Trends for Living Room

Interior Design Trends for Living Room

Your living room, is the perfect place for lounging, sharing special moments and entertaining, so it should be reflective of your personal style. If you’d like to give your living room a subtle refresh, we’ve put together a list of this year’s interior design trends for the living room. Whether your style is boho, modern chic or maximalist there’s a little something for everyone, so keep on reading.


Including outdoorsy elements in your interior design is a technique used by a lot of new designers to bring a sense of calm to your home, as well as strengthening our connection to nature.

This living room design trend is one that is sure to stay as studies have shown that surrounding ourselves with naturistic materials has a positive effect on our happiness, energy, and general wellbeing.

Have fun working with colors until you find a balance you like, if you’re going for an elegant luxurious look, dark colors work best and while lighter colors best reflect a fresh natural look.


By adding texture to your space, you can make it more inviting, warm and interesting. Using materials with different textures not only look good, but also appeal to the sense of touch and gives the room more depth. Whether you prefer making large changes such as installing a marble table, or prefer smaller ones like fabric pillows and rugs, there are several ways you can add texture to your living room.


When deciding on a color scheme, it’s always best to keep it simple and use only a handful of similar colors to avoid over doing it. A good option to use is grey, it’s regarded as a promising neutral color as it is not only soft and sophisticated but comes in various shades that will add depth to your space.


Plants bring an abundance of life, energy and fresh air into a room, making it the obvious living room design trend that you need to trial this 2020.

Plants are the simplest way to refresh your living room, without having to spend so much. With them, the room is made fresher and has more life and energy it also feels connected to nature. If you are not blessed with a green thumb, you can opt for artificial plants as they’re less work and give off the same effect.


A commonly overlooked feature of living room design is the lighting, regardless of whether or not you use natural or synthetic lighting in your home, you need to have the right lighting fixtures that will ensure you get the best lighting for your living room. An increasing popular trend is in geometric lights in natural or distinct colors as they give your living room a bold, appearance.


Yes, wallpapers are back and they’re getting increasingly stylish. These days with them, less isn’t always more in fact, the rule is there is no rule. To make a stunning impact try using removable wallpapers in fun styles and colors. You can also incorporate anything from bold patterns to delicate colors and textures in your living room.

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