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Living room color: The full guide on choosing the right colors

Choosing the right color to paint the walls of your living room is not a random strike of luck. Home interior design experts stress on the fact that paint can completely change how a room feels. It is not only the color but also how the paint is applied makes a huge difference. It could make a living room speak of elegance and panache, or it could make it look like random decisions were thrown into a blender!

Choosing a living room colors is a decision that one should make at ease comparing to most rooms in your home. Simply, because it should be a color that you love, that comforts or rather makes you smile always. Although living rooms, or family rooms nowadays, is a common area at home, it ideally gets used for guests; But the main purpose of this room is family time.

The location of the room would make you have considerations in choosing the perfect color to maintain a harmonious flow between the rooms. A unified color can be chosen for two adjacent areas if the plan is to give the space an open and large feeling. Accent bold and vivid colors in surfaces, furniture, decor and accessories can give that space more of its own look.

If the decision is to use two different colors for adjacent rooms or spaces and one of them is the living room, it is necessary that the colors complement each other. Sampling colors is indispensable, as each color needs to go in coherence with the nearby areas and decor. Green paint color in the living room might end up making the maple dining table look orange in a disappointing way that turns the warm autumn table and cabinet into a cringe-worthy corner. Let the paint shade choice make both of the spaces welcoming and inviting.

How to choose the color of your living room

Could Paint Color Undertones spoil the color scheme?

Color undertones of any color you settle for, for the living room can derail general feel, palette or scheme of the room. Flooring, furniture, even the garden outside, any of them could create a color-conflict with your paint. Learning about color undertones, helps with recognizing and adjusting for any color surprise.  Seeking the assistance of a best interior designer in Dubai will help you avoid any of these issues.

What are the best color palettes for living rooms?

The best color palettes are the purposed color palettes. Consider the general mood of the room and what would you like it to reflect. Moreover, the space you are working with and how you would like it to be reflected. Ideally, light colors, soft tones and bright shades make a room look bigger and brighter. Walls that are light and bright are for a fact more reflective. Hence, making a space feel open and airy.

To make your living room look bigger and brighter opt for wall colors like soft tones of off-white, green and blue. Bigger and brighter rooms are more lively, relaxing and inviting.

How to choose the color of your living room
Figure 3 Courtesy of David Brittain

Matching soft tones of almond cream, ivory and wild mushrooms with wooden neutral pieces and elements with walls of soft taupe shade. Those calming walls will help relax and feel at comfort and would work elegantly with abundant number of options including effortless blend of whites, beiges, pearl, ivory, stone and wood giving a living room the debonair timeless sophistication.

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