Living Room Design Ideas That Maximize Luxury

Living Room Design Ideas That Maximize Luxury

Many people dream of creating a luxury interior design for their home, but often miss the mark. Achieving a luxury interior is a slippery slope, as there is a fine distinction between a room looking fancy and tacky.

Therefore, it is important to be strategic when creating a luxury interior design. A specialized home interior designer can help you navigate between the two lines in order to create a space that is positively elegant.

To help you get started on planning out your luxury interior design, here are some living room ideas that maximize luxury without crossing the line to appear ostentatious or extravagant.

1.    Less is More

When creating a luxurious living room space, “less is more” should be the rule of thumb. This is because overcrowding the space will make the room look stuffy, dusty, and outdated. Thus, remember that simplicity is key. This does not mean compromising on your personal style; in fact it is quite the opposite. Carefully select the few décor pieces that best represent your unique personal style and theme, and let those be the show-stoppers of the interior design.

2.    Rich Colors

Colors play a large role in making the living room appear lavish. In order to maximize luxury, use colors that exude elegance and expensive taste. To achieve this, start with a base tone that is light, yet rich. For example, a creamy beige, warm taupe, or sky blue are all great living room options that open up the space and give off a opulent vibe. Then, pair the base color with rich accent tones such as royal purple, sapphire blue, glimmering silver, or classic black. 

3.    Luscious Textures

Play around with rich textures to add dimension to your living space. Silk curtains, velvet pillow covers, and plush carpets are all examples of lavish textures that pair well in a living room. Just be cautious not to overdo it by stuffing too many contrasting textures to the space. Instead, consult your interior designer to find two or three complimentary textures to decorate your living area and create an exquisite interior.

4.    Statement Pieces

A single statement piece can go a long way in maximizing luxury in your living space. Lean towards timeless centerpieces, such as a twinkling chandelier, an artistic wall painting, zen water fountain, or an expressive sculpture. Choosing a single centerpiece to be the focal point of the room will give your room a luxurious aura without appearing gaudy. Be sure to choose a statement piece that ties in with the overall interior theme of the room.

5.    Wall Décor

The art of creating a luxury interior design revolves around adding glamour without the clutter. A trick to achieve this is by using the endless wall space to add glam in a sleek and clutter-free manner. Wall décor is becoming increasingly popular among home interior design in Dubai, due to its versatility and endless customization options. Great wall décor options include a grand mirror, an eye-catching picture frame, a modern painting, or even a wallpaper accent wall.

These living room interior design ideas will enhance the luxurious feel of the space, without seeming distasteful or extravagant. An expert home interior designer can help you transform these ideas into an elegant and unique interior design for your living area.

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