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Swinging colors of the year 2020

If you are looking for an easy way to give your home a fresh look, trying to upscale or revamp the ambiance of your office? Flash a fresh coat of paint and, complement it with pieces that go in harmony with it. Changing the color of the walls and reorganizing furniture around the room, disregarding which room we are talking about, is a budget-friendly makeover.

Instead of changing the layout of a house, or going on a furniture shopping frenzy, changing the colors changes the moods. It is an interior design solution for your home or office to become a vogue icon. The best masters of interior design in Dubai give you the list of the top colors of 2020. They fit and fulfill all style carvings from modernity or traditionalism, minimalism or extravagance, there is a color for you.

Classic Blue

Classic blue with its different tones and shades of royalty will be making an appearance in homes and offices everywhere in 2020. Especially, classic navy blue can be used to create a modern inviting space. Navy blue falls at the dark spectrum of the color scheme, so the key is to include lighter shades of beige, ivory and white to lighten the dark palette. It could be too cold or provocative for some but mixing it with different colors can create a ballad of modes. Extra tip, silver or gold centerpieces would go perfect with and for a bold shocking move, you can add ruby red item or two!

Swinging colors of the year 2020
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White on white

2020 is white on white year for interior design color choices! Although the concept is boring to many, some refer to this trend, as tranquil choice, and they prefers it. The trick is in the layers. Moreover reviving the general atmosphere with patterned rug or soft toned items would not deviate the trend and would break the chain of whiteness. Interestingly enough, nothing compliments whites like plants and natural wood color furnishing. Giving it a peaceful collective look.

Swinging colors of the year 2020
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Blush Pink

An interior design phenomenal choice that came to the surface right after the coinage of the term “millennial pink”.  Fitting perfectly with warm jewel palette of colors or shades of gold and rose gold makes it soft touch of panache added to any room. Blush will continue strongly in 2020.

Swinging colors of the year 2020
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Burnt Orange

Burnt orange and rust shades may come too bright or vivid for many but they add an energizing pop of color to any space. Moderation is the key use it as a refreshing touch of autumn integrating it with colder palettes of grey for a reviving warm effect. Just make sure you do not overdo it.

Swinging colors of the year 2020
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Green is like Navy blue, always has been on the list of the classic masculine colors. It adds depth and strength to the space. Saddle brown and hunter green, have their spots on the parade of colors in 2020 with peaceful subtle touch of elegance and timelessness.

Swinging colors of the year 2020
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Clay is a warm color similar to aged plaster. It gives a touch of authenticity and calmness. Natural inspired color is to enrich the feeling of the surroundings. It was named the color of the year for 2019 and it shall continue to be part of the interior design trends in 2020. The earthy color goes perfectly with neutral items of wood, leather and plantings giving the space an oasis like theme.

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Swinging colors of the year 2020
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